Tardive Diskenesia

You’ve heard about it in TV commercials, I’m sure. Unless something has changed and the doctor didn’t mention it, there is exactly one medication that helps with Tardive Diskenesia – Ingrezza. Jack’s been on it for…quite a while.

Here’s something vitally important that we’ve learned recently.

Ingrezza controls Jack’s TD beautifully if, and ONLY IF, he takes it consistently AND in conjunction with CBD (cannabidiol). We learned this when he got off CBD for several weeks and the TD got really really bad.

So if you know someone who tried Ingrezza and it didn’t work, they may want to see if their doctor will let them start taking CBD and try again.

Celebrating Jesus and knowledge!

Tammy C


Is That Legal?

The answer is, “Yes.”

It’s also a gift from God that the devil has done his best/worst with to make Christians stay away from it.

It’s CBD oil, and before you get antsy let me say that, if you’ll ask my husband’s primary care, he will be delighted to tell you that Jack has come off several medications since we put him on it. CBD (cannabidiol) is a tremendously beneficial part of cannabis plants (Yes, hemp and marijuana are both cannabis). It is NOT THC, which is the part of marijuana that makes you high; and CBD oils contain no more than trace elements of THC. CBD counteracts THC, so those traces can’t affect you. And, again, it is legal throughout the US. I first picked it up in the health food store down the street from my house.

I’ve been considering blogging about it for a while, because of the tremendous strides Jack has made medically in the past year or so that he’s been on it. I kept putting it off, but then our local health food store went out of business. (Where’s that eyes-wide-open emoji?!)

That was when I realized just how serious I am about it. I am careful about all of his prescription medications, and I consider this to be every bit as important as the ones the doctors have put him on. I’m not kidding, people. He’s come off of blood pressure medications, Metformin, Humalog, and an antidepressant triad he was on. Yes, he’s still on several medications, but he is doing better than he has in many years. In fact, he recently started occupational therapy again with a therapist he used two years ago, and she is completely blown away by where he is today; it’s like she’s working with a totally different man.

So, when the store I’ve been going to closed down, I got online and started researching – to find that the CBD world is huge and can be terribly confusing. I have a budget, and some of the great oils I found are totally outside of it. I finally narrowed my options down and researched a few specific companies before settling on one that offers not only what looks like an excellent CBD oil that meets my quality criteria, but several very promising CBD-based products as well. I placed my first order yesterday and we shall see.

This company, CTFO, also offers a unique opportunity – the chance to sign up as either a customer or associate for free while (as either) earning commissions on the purchases of those you refer. I’ve been referring people to my local store for years and benefitting nothing but satisfaction, so I decided I might as well to refer them to “me” now. If you’re interested, just click the link below and check it out.


I’m so happy I found this company, and look forward to seeing even more improvement in Jack since it appears that this oil is considerably better, even, than what we’ve been taking (Yes, me too. I started taking it for brain fog when I realized how much more clearly he was thinking.). I’ll keep you posted!

VITALLY IMPORTANT: I AM NOT MAKING ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS!!!! All I’m doing is telling you what CBD has done for Jack. There is always a possibility that his dramatic improvement in so many areas could be a result of something else. I’m guessing you know how likely his PCP and I believe that to be.

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

Neti What?!

It’s amazing how you can know something, or do something, that you think is unusual, but suddenly discover that “everyone” is doing it.

Yep, it’s true. I’m astounded by how many of my friends use a neti pot. But perhaps I should back up.

I learned about the neti pot many years ago, even before doctors at the Mayo Clinic told my stepmother to use one. Then, a few years back, a couple we know well started using one too. Now, I’ve suffered from allergies and their related sinus issues for years, but the thought of pouring water up my nose was too disgusting to consider. Then came that week.

I was in bad shape, and the couple had an extra neti pot, which they offered to me; I politely declined their generosity. A relatively new friend “happened” to mention how much the sea salts she used helped her sinuses – yes, she used them with a neti pot. Then my chiropractor said, “You know, there is always the neti pot…” I threw up my hands in defeat, accepted the offered pot, listened to my friends’ instructions, then hit Google for more information.

I learned that using the pot is easy, and not nearly as disgusting as I thought. My impression had been that the water drained into your mouth (GROSS!), but you actually tilt your head way over so that it goes into one nostril, washes through that nostril’s sinus cavity, and then flows out the other nostril.

There’s no having to hold your breath or anything and, though it can be disgusting, it is very satisfying to see the gook flushed out of your sinus cavities. It is also satisfying to know that the salt left in those cavities is still busy killing bacteria, and it is very satisfying to feel the physical relief from pain and congestion. The relief may or may not come instantly, depending on how bad it is, but it does come.

Which brings me back to where I started. It seems like, since I began using it, everyone has been coming out of the neti pot closet. A friend posted on Facebook that he would probably suffer a lot less from allergies if he used it every day like he knows to. Amen; I know the same about myself. Then this friend and that friend and another friend… Time and time again, usually without me bringing it up, people mentioned how they didn’t know what they would do without their neti pots.

I sure don’t know what I’d do without mine!

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C