Selecting a Size – Leggings


Since most LuLaRoe (LLR) purchases happen online, and most people begin their LLR adventure with leggings, it makes sense to address the big question: Which size? The quick, and mostly accurate, answer is that OS (One Size) fits sizes 0-12 and TC (Tall/Curvy) fits sizes 12-22.

I’m tall, but not so curvy. This made selecting my first pair a challenge. I’m 5’ 10”, weigh 160, and have a 30” inseam. Because of my height, I assumed that I would wear TC regardless of the fact that, in stretch jeans, I wear 6 and 8. I was mistaken, as I discovered in my first day of wearing these lovelies. They got baggy…quickly. I did try actually drying them in the dryer (Something you should NOT do with your LLR) in hopes they would shrink, but no deal. Before long, I knew I had just discovered my absolute favorite pajama bottoms ever. (I have them on right now, in fact!)

Yes, OS is short on me. Fortunately for me, all lengths are in style right now, so that’s not a problem. Also, while my legs aren’t big enough to fill out the TC leggings, they do push the OS leggings to their limits. Because of this, I am careful to follow their washing instructions. I either hand wash or machine wash on gentle, and I hang to dry. That way I know they’ll not shrink.

If you’re a size 12 and still wondering which way to go, consider both your height and the size of your thighs. If you carry your weight in your thighs, definitely try the TCs first. If not, and if you’re shorter, I’d opt for OS. Who knows? You may even be one of those lucky people who can wear both; then you get the best selection of all!

If you’re looking for a rep, I’d suggest…


When I first wrote this blog post, I was recommending a dear friend, but my sister and I have since decided to become consultants. We’re still in the get ready stage as of this edit, but we’d love to have you join us on our VIP page! LuLaRoe Cady’s Closet

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It Started with a Prayer


I’ve worn jeans ever since jeans became acceptable girls’ wear (Yes, I’m THAT old), and I’ve been growing increasingly tired of them. One day, while standing in my closet, I asked God to please give me another option—one that wasn’t slacks or skirts. Then my office manager started raving about her newest discovery—LuLaRoe—and how their leggings put everyone else’s to shame.

I did own one pair of leggings at the time, but they rolled down my belly (where I carry my weight). She explained that LuLaRoe’s waistband meant she never had to deal with that. She also let me feel of her leggings, and they were oh-my-goodness soft. The final selling point was that they come in the most amazing variety of prints and solids. So I “attended” my first online pop-up party on Facebook and purchased my first top and pair of leggings. I’ve never looked back.

As I said in my first post in this series, I now enjoy selecting my daily outfits. What used to be my least favorite chore has now become a pleasure. I also find myself smiling more when I look down and see peacocks or flowers or…FUN! Maybe I’m becoming a fashFUNista!

This adventure continues with a prayer, too. I wrote this blog post over two months ago. Since then, my sister and I have decided to team up and sell LuLaRoe together; we believe in it that much!

Check us out! LuLaRoe Cady’s Closet

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Not a Fashionista


I am seriously not a fashionista. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy clothes shopping when I’m able to find good pieces, but it generally takes 54 NO pieces to find that one YES. I also don’t pay much attention to what’s in style. I usually rely on my fashion-conscious friends for that. But… LuLaRoe.

It is not an exaggeration to say LuLaRoe has revolutionized my closet. For once in my life, I find myself consistently enjoying selecting the day’s outfit, and everything is so comfortable that I feel no need to change clothes as soon as I get home. This is such a radical shift for me that I’ve decided to start blogging about it.

Where am I going with the Not a Fashionista category? I’m not sure. I will share info, though, and ideas, maybe some videos, and definitely a place to shop – not with me (I’m not up to THAT challenge), but with Peg Flint, a consultant who is also a longtime friend, one who has asked me to be part of her team.

Peg Flint’s Facebook Shopping Group

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EDIT: While I still recommend Peg as a great consultant, it turns out I AM up to the challenge! Since posting this, I’ve joined forces with my sister and we’re in the queue to become consultants. Check out our page!

LuLaRoe Cady’s Closet

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PS: Please forgive the selfie. I am obviously not good at these things. (Not a photographer! LOL!)