Texas Trivia

Texas Trivia
You thought Texas was all about horses, right?
Okay, so we’re a LOT about horses, and I have several friends who own them, but we are also about…

Compaq – calls us home
Dell – calls us home
Wool – we produce more than any other state
Dr Pepper – invented in Waco (And there’s no period in Dr)
Waco Bridge – the US’ first suspension bridge
Armadillos and opossums – Can we say “road kill”?
Bats –  Yep, we’ve got more species than you’d want to shake a stick at.
Roses – Ever visited Tyler?
Helium – as in a well thereof
Birds – Actually Baytown, my hometown, is BIG on the birders’ trail!

There’s more, of course, including the fact that central Texas is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the South.

What about your state?

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