AdDRESSing the Situation


One tall girl frustration is that those of us who have long torsos can have a terrible time finding tops that are long enough. Even tops that are specifically designed to be worn with leggings can frustrate me because I refuse to treat leggings like pants. I want something to cover my backside and front. This means that, in many tops, I go up a size or two just to ensure I have sufficient length.

Another tall girl frustration is those cute, short dresses that we love on others but don’t dare put on our own bodies because… well, I’ve used the word obscene in reference to some I’ve tried on. BUT!


Put one of those cute, short dresses on this long body OVER LEGGINGS and you have a look to love. Truly, I have one “top” in particular that has received tons of compliments. “Yep,” I say, “It’s a dress,” and their eyes widen in disbelief.

No need to avoid that part of the store anymore. Let’s dress it up, tall gals!

And if you’re looking for a LuLaRoe consultant…

EDIT: I used to have a friend’s name here, but since writing this piece I’ve joined forces with my sister and we are on the road to becoming LuLaRoe consultants. Check us out!

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