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I’m talking LuLaRoe here. I thought I’d come back, now that I’ve been wearing it several months, and share some more about LuLaRoe, why I love it, and…whatever comes to mind.

My almost-7-year-old granddaughter (Whose mom is a new addict) was in my closet recently and asked, “Is all of this LuLaRoe?” I laughingly assured her that it wasn’t, then glanced around just to confirm I was being entirely honest. Truly, LLR doesn’t even make up half of my closet…yet, I don’t think…but I have definitely been able to weed out a lot of other seldom-worn pieces because I no longer need them in order to have enough options.

If you’ve never stood in your closet, frustrated because you couldn’t find anything you wanted to wear, you don’t know what I’m talking about, but as I explained in It Started with a Prayer, in recent years I’ve considered morning outfit choosing a chore. I don’t anymore.

I cannot express how versatile LLR is. I do have a few “outfits,” but most of what I own goes with so many different things that I could conceivably take one piece and wear it several different ways in a single week. Also, as you’ll have seen (and will see) in some videos I’ve posted, people have found great, fun ways to tweak Irmas, Maxis, etc., to the point that they don’t even look like themselves anymore. I’m not very good at this myself, yet, but I’m determined to learn!

LuLa care is a little bit different. I don’t mix mine with anything else when it comes to laundry. I have a LuLa laundry basket, and I wash those things separately. Generally, I don’t hand wash; I put everything into a gentle cycle with cold water, and hang them to dry. One of the things I love about LLR is its tendency NOT to wrinkle, so hanging pieces straight out of the washer has never been a problem for me. I do know of others who put their clothing into the dryer for just a little while and hang them before they’re truly dry, and they’ve never had any problems with pilling or shrinkage.

I’ve heard it said that LuLaRoe is a fad that will disappear. I doubt it, truly. The company is great about designing both timeless and on-trend patterns, and several of their styles are classic as well. Most people still associate them primarily with leggings, but my most recent purchases have been dresses and skirts, and I can see having all of them for years to come.

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Tammy C

Since writing this blog post, my passion for LuLaRoe has led ME into the business, so my sister and I are taking the plunge and becoming LuLaRoe consultants. Check it out!

LuLaRoe Cady’s Closet VIP Boutique

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