So I did a thing.

This is a very dear friend of mine, actually one of those people who helped hold me up through some of the worst of the bad times with Jack, days that saw me hitting the ground in agony. Not only is this post spot on, but I’m sure her blog is going to prove to be powerful. Check it out!

I've got something to say

So I did a thing last weekend. A photographer friend asked me about doing a photo shoot. Sure, why not. As the day approached I thought, ‘what was I thinking? Why as I doing a photo shoot? What in the world?!’ Ok, I’ll do it for a friend, how hard can it be? And, we will have a blast, I’m sure.

Fast forward, photo shoot day. I completely put myself in her hands. She told me what to do, where to stand, where to look. Okay, no problem. I was not seeing what she was seeing through her lens. I was not even thinking about what I looked like standing on my bar stool, out in the middle of my yard or sitting on my counter beside my sink, pretending to drink imaginery coffee. I simply trusted her lead. If I would have known ahead of time what all I’d…

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