Perspective is powerful

This is truly a must read. My previous pastor, who was a pilot, used to say, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” Dencie Lee’s testimony illustrates this beautifully while it showcases the grace, mercy, and power of God.

I've got something to say

One year ago I was at MD Anderson for a second opinion. The cancer had returned in my lungs. It was inoperable. Radiation was not an option, and for the rest of my life I would be on chemotherapy. I had six months to a year to live.

Every time I say this or share it, I have to stop for a minute.

I’ve been told three times in the last five years “cancer has returned”, but this last time was different. Cutting or burning the cancer out was not an option this time; I was shaken. I met with a new oncologist, I was now at MD Anderson having my labs and scans redone. I was hopeful and believing God for a better report. However, the results confirmed the cancer had returned. Prognosis was the same. I remember my daughter asked the oncologist “if chemotherapy gets rid of the…

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