Looking for a Foundation?

I finally found IT!

By that I mean that I finally found a foundation I genuinely like, which is a challenge when you’re as pale-skinned as me. I’ll probably tell you about it later…at some point…but for now I thought you might like to see something I wish I’d found while I was looking.

The Best Foundation of 2018

I’ve probably mentioned more than once that I’m a reviews junkie, and this site satisfies that need. They put a LOT of work into narrowing down the world of foundations to a manageable list of products they then tried out on real women. Their criteria for what they even looked at impressed me. I think their reviews and conclusions will impress you as well.


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Tammy C

Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek


Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek


Here’s another product I will soon be ordering. As you can see, I’m still using the sample. One thing I like about Birchbox samples is that they last a surprisingly long time!

This multi-tasking product is for both cheeks and lips. On my lips it is a luxurious lipstick that adds just the right touch of color (I have fair skin and the color I have is Perk). Its performance on my cheeks, however, is what really sold it to me.

I dab it on my cheeks, over my foundation, and smooth it out with my fingers. It responds instantly to the warmth of my skin and blends like a dream. If I want more color, I just dab on another layer. Afterwards, I put on powder to set it and I’m done unless I choose to add a powdered blush. The color is long-lasting, keeping me from having to reapply makeup halfway through the day.

Definitely a keeper!

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Tammy C

Yes, I will buy it from Birchbox Referral Link.

SeneGence ShadowSense



LipSense is all the rage on Facebook right now (for good reason) and I will likely review it at some point, but first I absolutely must share about ShadowSense because it is THE BOMB!

These eye shadows, which contain SenePlex Complex (anti-aging formula), come in the same style tubes as LipSense. Application is easy with the wand, and you can blend with your finger, brush, or sponge. I generally dab some dots on my eyelids and smooth them out with my finger. It goes on as a cream, dries to a powder, and after 1 to 2 minutes is set and stays put until you remove it. No kidding! I’ve worn the same eye makeup for three days before!

ShadowSense does not crease. Even if you only use it as a primer, putting other shadows on top to it, your shadow will not crease. It is also extremely versatile. I’ve seen videos where gals used it for everything from eyeliner to contour. This stuff is so awesome it even had me considering signing up to be a rep. After all, with eyeshadow this good, the rest of their products must be amazing too.

There are many SeneGence reps out there, but if you would like to meet mine, Blair Eubank, you can find her at Blair’s site or lbeubank@gmail.com.

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Tammy C

Not a Makeup Maven

I am seriously, genuinely, NOT a makeup maven. I don’t care about learning to contour, have only recently been told I’ve been applying my lipstick wrong forever, and (to be honest) usually go to bed without cleansing my face.

Yes. I know this is a bad thing.

All of this being true, but knowing I have a responsibility to the world to present a decent face, bearing in mind that I am not one to haunt the aisles of Sephora and Ulta (Yes, I know what they are.), I decided at some point last year to splurge on a Birchbox subscription. The thing has paid for itself many times over, and I’ve discovered some products I absolutely love.

So a new blog category is born: Not a Makeup Maven. At some point soon I’ll share about one of my newest favorites.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in seeing what Birchbox is all about – and don’t mind me sharing a link that will earn me credits to spend on goodies…

Birchbox – referral link

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