Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil

As is true for any regular essential oils user, I definitely have my favorite oils. One of these is peppermint.

Historically, it’s been used for centuries to “soothe digestive difficulties, freshen breath, and relieve colic, gas, headaches, heartburn, and indigestion.”* I drink of a drop in an ounce or two of water regularly to help support my digestive system and fight off symptoms that might indicate acid reflux. (Not prescribing here. just sharing my story.) I also use it in the diffuser to support my respiratory system; on my skin to soothe itching, muscle pain, and hot flashes; and more.

Most Young Living oils can be ingested anyway, but peppermint is one of the essential oils that are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) for human consumption regardless of who produces it. (Not recommended for children under 6) I’ve already said I use a drop in an ounce or two of water, but you can also mix it with other liquids and even cook with it.

I diffuse it fairly often both because I appreciate the scent and I find that it helps me maintain a stronger respiratory system. It also repels rodents and insects, a fact that has been a big blessing this winter! It does more, though, and there’s one thing in particular that parents and college students should bear in mind. It helps you think!

Seriously! Dr. Dembar, of the University of Cincinnati, did a study and found that inhaling peppermint oil increased the mental accuracy of students by up to 28%.*

A few things to be aware of concerning peppermint oil.
1. Using it repeatedly in the same place on your skin might result in contact sensitivity. I just don’t use it in the same place twice in a row.
2. There is some concern that it may adversely affect people who have high blood pressure.
3. You should use it with caution during pregnancy.

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*Reference Guide for Essential Oils, by Connie and Alan Higley, 3013 Edition

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