One day while I was in prayer, God pointed out the weight of my purse. Its weight was no great revelation because I knew it was heavy, so much so that it was actually affecting my back. He had a purpose in pointing it out, though. He told me to find all of the coins that were in it and remove them.

Suddenly my purse weighed less – a lot less – and I’d only removed $1.16. It was less than a handful of coins, not even enough to buy a soda, but they’d added astounding weight that I was carrying around constantly!

And God made His point: Just as it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine (Song of Solomon 2:15), it is the small things that most often weigh us down. it’s not usually the big things that really drag on us, but those little things we aren’t watching for, the small “concerns,” the minor “habits,” the little “hurts…” We fail to notice them adding up, so they hang around like coins in the bottom of a purse until one day we exclaim, “God, I can’t carry this anymore!”

Of course, it’s not “this” we can’t carry, but “these,” and one by one God faithfully helps us pull each of them out and get rid of them until the weight is gone and we can walk upright again. How much better would it be if we never got weighed down in the first place?

The best way to make sure the small things don’t add up is to be ever on the lookout, watchful and prepared to deal with them. The best way to ensure we are dealing with everything is to be constantly listening to that sill, small voice and doing what the Holy Spirit says.

No one needs the weight of $1.16.

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

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