Between the Jaws

Daisy n Me

On Monday evening, when I was finally recovering from a truly SICK weekend, my rest was interrupted by a girl’s screams and the sound of two dogs fighting. It is amazing what a good shot of adrenaline can do. I was out the back door, over the fence that was lying on the ground, and in the midst of a dog fight in seconds – and one of the dogs was mine.

We have yet to figure out what happened, exactly. The girl was walking her dog (Great Dane), who had never shown any sign of aggression that I know of, when said dog dashed across the yard, dragging her the whole way, and literally took down our fence. (T-post, so not QUITE what you’re thinking, though still!) As I said, no one knows exactly what happened, but when I ran outside I found my passive whippet/beagle mix locked in mortal combat with a horse-sized demon.

And here’s where this post takes a turn you’re probably not expecting.

I was actually able to separate the dogs, with one collar in each hand, and knelt there on the ground between two seemingly calm pooches while the girl went for her aunt. It was over.

Or so it seemed. When I told the whole story to my sister she said, “You know YOU weren’t the one holding those dogs!” Had the event ended right there, I might have disagreed with her, but the instant the aunt took the other dog, and I removed my hand from her collar, she was on my Daisy again as if the battle had never stopped. Needless to say, I let go of Daisy instantly so she could do her best to fight back while the other woman tried to get control of the Great Dane.

We did get control. Daisy did go to the vet and get care for four gaping wounds. (Yes, the dog owner paid and even provided transport for Jack and Daisy since I wasn’t able to take her myself.) Daisy is recovering well and everything is going to be fine.

The more I think, though, about how calmly I knelt on the ground between those two dogs, and how totally at peace they appeared to be while I was there, the more I am blown away. Frankly, though I’m pretty sure I would do it again, it was a pretty stupid move on my part.

You can’t tell me God wasn’t protecting me. You just can’t.

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

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