Untoed Consequences


(How lame is that title?!)

It’s amazing how an incident in your past can affect your present. When I was a child, we ran around barefoot all the time. We also lived on the water and enjoyed going down to the water’s edge to fish. One day, a broken bottle made its way to the bank’s surface and sliced through the big toe you can’t quite see here. I’ve dealt with the consequences of that day ever since. 

The scar tissue that builds up is terrible. It’s not so bad during the winter when I wear a lot of low-healed boots that have plenty of toe room, but the minute spring hits, with its pretty heels, so does the pain. I used to just live with it, but the older I get the less willing I am to do that, so pedicures are now my friend. 

There’s nothing wrong with running around barefoot, though I seldom do it anymore, but every trip to the nail salon is a reminder that every decision we make, even those that are seemingly inconsequential, has the potential to affect us (and others) for a very long time. 

Celebrating Jesus!

Tammy C

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