Meditations: Romans 6:13

Copyright Clarissa Pardue 2014
Copyright Clarissa Pardue 2014

Romans 6:13

And do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin, but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God.


Interesting. I never considered before that what you do, when you choose to sin, is present yourself (your members) TO sin – giving sin a gift, as it were. And in presenting yourself as a gift to sin, you declare that your members – you – are instruments of unrighteousness…tools to be used in unrighteous acts. When I think of it that way, it makes me shudder. It’s like when Belshazzar decided to use the holy vessels that had been taken from the temple, drinking from them at a great feast he was hosting. (Dan 5) He used these holy vessels as instruments of unrighteousness and saw the handwriting on the wall – literally – and was dead the next day. Presenting my members to sin as instruments of unrighteousness is obviously not the thing to do.

But to present myself to God as being alive from the dead! And then to present my self (my members) to Him as instruments of righteousness! Yes, this is the calling of the Christian.

It is interesting, too, the choice of words used in this verse. Yes, I take an active roll in making the presentation, in deciding whether to serve sin or God, but after that I am nothing more than an instrument either way – or at least my members (hand, tongue, mind, etc.) are nothing but instruments. As far as sin is concerned, this is horrible – slavery of the worst sort. But where God is concerned? To be an instrument in God’s hand is to be truly free! My only responsibility at that point is to do as He commands. As I do this I will automatically do what is right and my efforts will bear eternal fruit. Though the other path may be more tempting, and death to sin unappealing, nothing can compare to the glory of this!

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

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