From Handful to Harvest

While in prayer this morning, God gave me an illustration I hope I never forget. 

He had me imagine my hand holding a mere palmful of seeds, then He reminded me that even a small quantity of seeds, like what would fit in a seed packet or the palm of my hand, can produce a large harvest. 
Sometimes we think we don’t have enough to give God. We only see the few coins or dollars we hold in our hand, the few minutes we serve Him by greeting in the foyer before service… 

Those few seeds, however, can produce an unimaginably large harvest. They can fill our world with color and fruit if we plant them correctly and nurture them. 

So plant that handful in good ground, rejoicing that you have it to give even if you do wish it were more, then pray over it and thank God for causing the seeds to grow and produce. 

Yes, you can hold the seed in the palm of your hand. The harvest, however, is another thing entirely; and He is Lord of the Harvest. 

Celebrating Jesus!

Tammy C

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