My husband doesn’t sleep much and watches TV constantly. Consequently, I have a white noise app on my phone to help me sleep and I’m happy to report that, when I focus on it, pretty much everything else fades away. If, however, I get up for some reason and hear the TV, I have to actively turn my attention back to the white noise or whatever is currently playing will irritate me until I go ask him to turn it down. 

It’s the same way with God’s voice. We are surrounded by noise, by myriad voices, sounds, songs… God is in that mix, but unlike everything else He won’t yell to get our attention-most of the time. If we are to hear God, we must tune the rest out-or at least turn it down-and focus on Him so we can truly hear Him. 

We tune the rest out when we pray, when we turn our concentrated attention on Him just as I turn my attention to the white noise. Spend enough time in prayer, getting to know His voice, and you eventually become like the mother who can instantly recognize her child’s cry in a room full of bawling babies. 

Focus on Him, strive to always stay sensitive to Him, and you will learn to instantly recognize that “still, small voice” when He speaks. 

The next step, of course, and often more challenging, is to do what He says. 

Celebrating Jesus!

Tammy C

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