Sacrifice of Praise

The worship service can be a challenge for me. At times I try to enter in, only to have my mind wander rabbit trails like an undisciplined animal. Today, as I faced this challenge yet again, I heard God say, “Lay it on the altar.”

“It” was the train of thought that currently demanded my attention. Rather than giving it space in my thoughts, God was calling me to sacrifice my right to pursue it; He was calling me to lay it on the altar. This, I suddenly realized, is a big part of the sacrifice of praise. 

Be they random thoughts, fears, plans, hurts… when we lay them before God, turning them over completely to Him, we make a sacrifice. We give up the right, at least for a time, to feel fear, to make plans, to indulge in hurts… For what is really a brief time, we sacrifice them to Him, giving Him all of our attention and praises instead. It’s not easy, but true sacrifices never are. 

Celebrating Jesus!

Tammy C

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