Tiny House Part 19: Final Kitchen Tour

And today we reach the end of the kitchen tour, which is pretty much the final part of the house tour, though I will have more things to share. First up, the second built in!

I love how deep they were able to make this cabinet. As you can see, the top shelf is perfect for the two rectangle baskets. As I explained in a previous post, they’re woven rope and are 15x10x10. Because they are flexible and I have my mixing bowls in the one on the right, they’re not decorator rectangles, but they are definitely functional! The basket on the left houses my to-go containers. I’ve made no bones about the fact that I don’t cook, but I do occasionally buy frozen family-sized meals that I can cook in the microwave. Then I freeze leftovers for taking to the office to save money on eating out.

Ah, the rainbow baskets!

MINTWOOD Design 3-Pack Storage Baskets for Shelves, Playroom and Classroom Storage Basket, Book Basket, Decorative Storage Cube Bins, Woven Closet Organizers, Nursery Baskets, Rainbow

Study the picture again and you’ll see how they used more of the teak countertop to set me up with a microwave shelf. As you can see, they notched the teak to give me space for my fridge. They did this because I needed as many inches as I could possibly get in my closet! Maybe I’ll show you the closet later, but it still has way too much room for improvement.

There is plenty of room on the shelf in front of the microwave, however! And, as I mentioned before, the dryer serves me well as additional counter space.

And now, look at my adorable fridge! Yes, this vintage-style treasure is one of the delights of my life.

We found it at Sam’s Club, but believe it or not you can actually get it on Amazon and it comes in six colors! I chose white because I wanted it to match my washer and dryer, and because white works with pretty much everything, but you can also get it in black, a retro blue, creame, pink, and red. I’m not showing you the inside of mine, but here’s a screen shot from the Amazon ad.

It’s the iio 7 Cu Ft Bottom Freezer Retro Refrigerator, Small, with Mini Fridge for Bedroom, 3 Glass replacement Shelves, LED Light,1 Crisper, 2 Drawers, and I chose to take a screen shot of the blue one so you could glimpse the color that would have been my second choice. It stands 57″ high and 21.5″ wide and is very energy efficient. Also, as you can see, the fridge shelves are totally adjustable.

My decorator friend says she’s going to build me some kind of base that we can put under it to raise it up a little bit. It really doesn’t bother me, but she insists someone as tall as me shouldn’t have to bend over so much to reach the freezer. What I’ve not told her is that I usually just scoot over there in my desk chair if I’m going to be doing much in the freezer at all. Just one more advantage of tiny house living!

Ah, and the basket on top of the fridge is something I picked up randomly at T.J. Maxx. I keep my bread products in it: bread loaves, bagels, crackers, tortillas…that sort of thing.

Thank you for visiting my tiny house!

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

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