What is Memorial Day?

In yesterday’s Bible reading, I came across Joshua 4:6 and its timeliness struck me. 

We will use these stones to build a memorial. In the future your children will ask you, “What do these stones mean?”

This particular memorial served two purposes. 

1.  It was to remind those who experienced that amazing, dry-ground walk through the Jordan River, so that they would always remember God’s power and how He’d moved on their behalf. 

2. It was a tool that would help them teach their children about God and their relationship with Him. 

What is Memorial Day?

1. It is a time to remember the truth that freedom ISN’T free, and that we owe a debt to those who ensured our freedom to live as we do today. At the very least, our debt is to remember. 

2. It is a tool, a time we should take advantage of to really educate our children, to help them understand more about this nation we live in and why we have it. It is our opportunity to introduce them to some who survived, and let their stories introduce our children – and us – to many who did not. Our children can’t remember, but we can tell them rather than letting them assume Memorial Day is nothing but a day for family reunions and hotdogs. 

Someone (George Santayana?) once said that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

Celebrating Jesus!

Tammy C


LuLaRoe Irma – A Strapless Dress!

Okay, on this tall gal you’re looking at the Irma being a strapless top…and that’s if I get up my nerve to wear strapless. (I like my comfort zone, thank you.) But seriously, if you’ve not already seen something like this, you have got to check it out!

I may only try it in my own closet, but I’m definitely giving this one…or these three..a shot. Oh, and if you’ve still not watched the video and happen to be pregnant, she points out that this would be a great maternity option!

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

Since writing this blog post, my passion for LuLaRoe has led ME into the business, so my sister and I are taking the plunge and becoming LuLaRoe consultants. Check it out!

LuLaRoe Cady’s Closet VIP Boutique

Sacrifice of Praise

The worship service can be a challenge for me. At times I try to enter in, only to have my mind wander rabbit trails like an undisciplined animal. Today, as I faced this challenge yet again, I heard God say, “Lay it on the altar.”

“It” was the train of thought that currently demanded my attention. Rather than giving it space in my thoughts, God was calling me to sacrifice my right to pursue it; He was calling me to lay it on the altar. This, I suddenly realized, is a big part of the sacrifice of praise. 

Be they random thoughts, fears, plans, hurts… when we lay them before God, turning them over completely to Him, we make a sacrifice. We give up the right, at least for a time, to feel fear, to make plans, to indulge in hurts… For what is really a brief time, we sacrifice them to Him, giving Him all of our attention and praises instead. It’s not easy, but true sacrifices never are. 

Celebrating Jesus!

Tammy C

LuLaRoe Irma Tips & Tricks

I LOVE my Irmas! I usually just toss them on and go, or maybe put a simple knot in them, but I found this video and soon will be trying out some of her tricks. Take a watch!

LuLaRoe pieces offer SO MANY options that I’ll probably be watching videos for the next few months. This is one reason I finally find myself enjoying getting dressed in the morning!

EDIT: And now my sister and I are in the queue, on our way to becoming LuLaRoe consultants. Yes, the clothes are THAT GOOD! Check us out! LuLaRoe Cady’s Closet

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Tammy C


“I can tell you he’s not brain dead.”

No one wants to hear the words “brain dead” in relation to anyone they know. No one wants to think about the implications. Not wanting something doesn’t keep it from happening.

On Sunday evening, April 30th, my husband inhaled his dinner and nothing I tried helped. The EMTs got there quickly, and shortly after they got him into the ambulance the food obstructed his airway completely and he went into cardiac arrest.

I learned this after I arrived at the hospital, where I was told that the EMT’s had been doing CPR on him when he arrived, and they had his heart beating again within two to three minutes after getting him into the ER. They’d also removed the obstruction and intubated him. I’m ignorant – was ignorant – enough about such matters that I didn’t realize what wasn’t being said until two hours later.

Mind you, I got people praying right away!

Roughly two hours later, the Intinsivist called me aside and explained the situation. For a young man in good health, you have about 2 minutes of oxygen loss to the brain before you have to worry about brain damage. For a man Jack’s age, and with his medical history, you have 11-12 seconds. They’d been working on him for somewhere between two and six minutes. Also, Jack had yet to regain consciousness, his pupils were dilated, and they were only sluggishly responding to light.

In other words, the doctor wasn’t telling me Jack might have brain damage. He was telling he would have brain damage; it was only a matter of how much. This was when he told me, “I can tell you he’s not brain dead. We have seen signs of brain activity.”

I can’t even begin to explain what I felt at that point. I went to see him as they prepared to chill his body to alleviate the damage as much as possible. They were prepping for other things as well, so I got ready for a move to the ICU waiting room.

Again, prayer warriors were lifting him up. Also, I had some strong support in the room with me, which was good since it was 12:30 AM before we heard anything else.

At that point, another doctor came and got my sister and me. He asked if I knew what all they’d planned to do and I gave him the list, ending with, “and…put him on ice.” (I still can’t remember what they called it.)

“Yes,” he responded, nodding. “On that, there’s been a change of plan. We’ve had him sedated, of course, because of the intubation, but a little while ago he awoke on his own. He’s groggy, but responding to our commands. We won’t be instituting ________ protocols.”

I HAD to clarify. “You’re saying you see no reason to think there’s brain damage.”

“Right,” he agreed as he opened the door.

His ICU nurse told me repeatedly, “You have no idea how lucky he is!” Jack was one of three of the five choking patients they’d had recently who had lived. The two they lost died because of the very lack of oxygen Jack experienced. But…

By 4:00 the next afternoon, he had been moved to a regular room. Two days later, he was transported to rehab. Seven days after that, I took him home. Yesterday, on May 17, the man they expected to either die or come out of this a vegetable walked into church.

But. God.


We saw his primary care today. I’d texted him immediately after my first meeting with the nurse. 

He looked at Jack and said, “What I did not tell your wife is that, when I got that first text, I knew you were gone.”

And again I say…

But. God. 

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

AdDRESSing the Situation


One tall girl frustration is that those of us who have long torsos can have a terrible time finding tops that are long enough. Even tops that are specifically designed to be worn with leggings can frustrate me because I refuse to treat leggings like pants. I want something to cover my backside and front. This means that, in many tops, I go up a size or two just to ensure I have sufficient length.

Another tall girl frustration is those cute, short dresses that we love on others but don’t dare put on our own bodies because… well, I’ve used the word obscene in reference to some I’ve tried on. BUT!


Put one of those cute, short dresses on this long body OVER LEGGINGS and you have a look to love. Truly, I have one “top” in particular that has received tons of compliments. “Yep,” I say, “It’s a dress,” and their eyes widen in disbelief.

No need to avoid that part of the store anymore. Let’s dress it up, tall gals!

And if you’re looking for a LuLaRoe consultant…

EDIT: I used to have a friend’s name here, but since writing this piece I’ve joined forces with my sister and we are on the road to becoming LuLaRoe consultants. Check us out!

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Styling the Carly

In last week’s post, I talked about some of the ways you can play with LuLaRoe’s Carly. This video gives several different suggestions. Take a few minutes and you’ll see why it’s one of my favorite pieces!

And… My sister and I are so pleased with our LuLa that we’ve decided to become LuLaRoe consultants. We’re in the queue, waiting for our call to onboard, but in the meantime you can join our VIP page and get ready to experience the fun for yourself!

LuLaRoe Cady’s Closet

Celebrating Jesus!
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