Neck Pain, Meet the Power Team

Wow, you can tell from the photo that I’m not a pro at this!

I had scoliosis as a child. Thankfully, my chiropractor was able to straighten my spine, but the lingering effects mean I visit him several times a year. In the past year and a half or so, those visits have grown further apart thanks to two things.

One of my most consistent issues has always been neck pain. I’ve tried a variety of helpful tools through the years, including an inversion table. The inversion table worked wonders, and I highly recommend them, but I got rid of mine after my husband passed because I didn’t feel safe using it with no one around. (It was an old one; I’m sure the newer ones are fine, but now I have no space.)

But one day, while watching a TikTok of a mobility coach I’d been following (Yes, TikTok made me buy it!), I learned about Restcloud’s Neck and Shoulder Relaxer. It’s the funny-looking blue thing in the photo, and it’s essentially a cervical traction device. It’s super easy to use and only takes about twenty minutes – ten lying on it one way to help the muscles start to relax and ten more lying on it after having flipped it around so it can actually stretch your neck.

That’s a super simple explanation but let me assure you it’s a wonderful thing! Even before I got the Sutera pillow you also see in the photo, this was helping me so much that I was encouraging my relatives to buy it!

I’d been looking at the Sutera pillow for a while, but was hesitant to spend the money without talking to someone who actually slept on one. Then a fabulous friend bought a two-pack and gave me one of hers. Oh. My.

I’ve lost track of the number of pillows I’ve tried through the years, most of them rather pricey, only to find that they weren’t so wonderful after a few weeks. The goal was always to get rid of neck pain, and it seemed most of them didn’t help at best and, in some cases, made it worse. Granted, we are each unique individuals with our own sleep styles; I knew it would take some searching, and I’m glad the search is over.

I’ve had this Sutera pillow for five months now and let me tell you… As odd looking as it is, it is uniquely helpful. I flip flop all night, switching from side to side to back, and this pillow serves in all positions. According to what I’ve read, it’s also great for stomach sleepers if that happens to be you.

So these two odd ducks are my pain-fighting power team. If I come home from work with a neck that is tense after hours of computer use, I’ll take a “blue thing” break and feel the stress slip away. I also use it at night a lot as a preventative. I don’t want pressure building up, so when I get in bed I’ll do the twenty minutes, then set it aside and pull my pillow into place. I get so relaxed on the stretcher that I’ve caught myself drifting off a few times. (Note: They do NOT recommend sleeping on it!)

So yes, if you suffer from neck pain or tension headaches, these two.

If you can only get one, start with the neck stretcher. At least, that’s what I suggest.

When I first thought to share about these, I was just going to share, but I’ve since learned about the Amazon Associates program, that I can earn a little extra money that way. You’ll actually read more about that in a Tiny Home Life post that I’ve scheduled for early October, but I want to share these now.

RESTCLOUD Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

SUTERA Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Here’s to less neck pain and zzzzzzzful sleep!

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