Time to Explain

I’ve been absent for much of this year, particularly in recent months. Yesterday’s post gives a hint as to why.

My focus has been necessarily narrow. God first, then work, then figuring out the big move.

I have seen much in the Word that I wanted to share, but actually marshaling my thoughts into words on virtual paper seldom happened. Likewise, I learned a lot while preparing for the move into my tiny home that I wanted to share, but I wanted to be consistent in the sharing.

Consistency. It’s something I’ve been lacking most of this year, and I hate it. So I took a few vacation days and spent time working on the blog. I pulled Noble Deeds of American Women back out and got weekly posts scheduled through the end of the month. Then I started a new series about living my dream in my tiny home. It, too, is scheduled weekly through the end of the month.

So the foundation is laid, and I hope to build firmly upon it. That’s the plan at any rate.

I also learned about Amazon affiliate marketing, which could theoretically help my finances tremendously. So I’ll be setting that up this weekend and I’ll start adding product links to my existing reviews and including the same when I mention the things I’m using in my tiny home.

Hopefully that doesn’t offend. When you’re a 60+ year old widow with large debts you want paid off, you seek out what income you can find. (Remember I also have Experiencing the Bible available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook.)

I’ve spent even more time in the Word this year than I usually do, so I definitely plan to get back to sharing that. It’s just…it’s a lot! I’ve occasionally tossed out bits and pieces in my Facebook group, Experiencing the Bible for Christians, but I’ve not even been very active there. Much to my shame.

It’s been an interesting almost-year since Jack passed away. Honestly, until memories of that last hospital stay started showing up on Facebook I didn’t realize how close I was to the one year anniversary. It’s been a time of great growth for me, and of freedom. I’ve changed a lot on the inside since my December 31 post where I publicly shared the lie I’d been living and how it felt to suddenly be free.

And… stop, Tammy. It’s time to stop for now. But hopefully this time I really am back to consistently sharing with you.

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

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