Tired of Exhaustion?

A little over a month ago I’d reached a point of almost total exhaustion. I was taking vitamins, eating right (mostly), and getting rest, but the exhaustion grew so increasingly real that I was ready to crawl back into bed before lunch every single day. I went to my primary care, who ordered bloodwork, and then I headed to my favorite health food store: The Health Fix in Liberty, Texas.

I didn’t go for advice. I went because I knew exactly what I needed: Solle Vital. I took it years ago and it was wonderful, but our finances being what they were I had to stop. It’s a powder you mix with water, and it replaces your multi-vitamin. I generally dump it in a bottle of cold water and drink it down. It makes for a green drink, but the taste is excellent.

While I was there, I asked about CinnaMate, which I’d heard of many times but had never tried. It turns out this supplement helps your body make B vitamins. Hello… Exhaustion? B vitamins needed. (Mind you, I was already taking a B 12 supplement that was helping, but not enough.) This one, not surprisingly, has a flavor that’s heavy on the cinnamon. It makes a great hot drink, but I also put it in cold water when hot teas aren’t convenient. Again, it tastes good; my sister will make herself multiple “hot teas” with it every day just because she likes it so much. I generally take it between noon and two; it gives me a boost that takes me easily through the rest of the day.

These two, taken together, have annihilated the exhaustion that had me genuinely concerned, and it didn’t take long for them to do it. Not exaggerating here; I noticed the difference the very first day. This last month has been night and day different and I am determined to never get off these products again. I’d been taking supplements that are good, but they couldn’t touch what these two do. (Did you notice the crumpled look of the CinnaMate packet in the photo? I pulled this packet out of my purse; I carry them and have given more than one away to others who needed the boost.)

CinnaMate also helps with blood sugar if that’s a battle you fight. I never could even talk Jack into trying it, which is sad, because it really could have helped him. Both of these probably do a whole lot more. Well, I know they do, but I’m only here to share my own story and offer this suggestion. You may want to check them out for yourself: I obviously am here to recommend them. You can purchase them online at sollenaturals.com, and you can even get $10 off your first order if you use my referral code: solle25371. (Yes, I would get a credit too if you did.)

I also suggest checking out The Health Fix in Liberty, Texas. The owner, Betty Runkle, is an ND I would trust with my life. She is also active on Facebook; just search “The Health Fix Store” to find her page. And no, she isn’t paying me for this recommendation. I send people her way all the time.

Life is looking better every day!

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Tammy C

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