What Do You Have in the House?

In II Kings 4, a widow approached Elisha for help and he asked her an odd question, “Tell me, what do you have in the house?” All she had was a jar of oil, but God used that jar of oil to work a mighty miracle. We humans tend to overlook what God has already given us, considering it to be “not enough.” Her oil was definitely not enough – until God touched it.

If you read yesterday’s review of Priscilla Shirer’s devotional, Awaken, it shouldn’t surprise you that the following thoughts were triggered by Day 2. And of course I had to apply them to me.

Experiencing the Bible is my jar. The oil is the gift of words and my joy in them (especially my joy in THE Word).

I’d begun a much simpler version of the book years ago. I kept putting it down, and God kept bringing me back to it. This year, I finally finished and published it. I asked God about marketing, but He told me not to worry about it. The point, at that time, truly was obedience.

Then, on October 1st, my husband passed away, taking his income with him, and suddenly I was the widow going to God saying, “I can’t do this on my own. I have to have Your help!” He pointed to the “jar on the shelf” and told me to get started. He has truly been my ever-present help in recent months, supplying my needs in consistently miraculous ways, but He’s also kept me moving forward with a vision that has grown far beyond anything I’d imagined.

In the midst of this my son, who owns Pixel Drip Studio, offered to create a full website to replace this simple blog. That started a conversation, and plans, and ideas that triggered a lot of action. So here I am, pouring out the oil. To the print book, I added first an ebook and then a journal. I’m already looking to the next book…actually, the next two. I’m also studying marketing, newsletters, social media and more.

God gives us all gifts, talents, and abilities, providing us with “jars of oil.” Then it’s up to us to pour out the oil and sell it for a profit. It took the widow time, effort, and humility to go borrow all those vessels from her neighbors and then fill them. Too, it generally requires the help of others, both her neighbors and her son in her case, and my son…both of them actually…in mine.

It can also take walking in obedience in advance. Had I not finished Experiencing the Bible when God told me to, it wouldn’t have been sitting on the shelf when I needed it.

So I’ll repeat Priscilla’s question from Day 2. What are some of the “jars of oil” you might be overlooking right now that He’s already provided?

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

Essentials Oils… The Answer?

Well, they’re not THE answer, for sure, but they are definitely part of the answer where our health is concerned. (speaking specifically here – mine and my husband’s health)

I first discovered essential oils in the late 80s. I was under a lot of stress that brought on the first (and last) bout with high blood pressure I’d ever experienced. My chiropractor informed me that I needed to get my stress level under control immediately, which prompted me to start researching natural remedies for stress.

Which, as any oiler probably suspects already, led me straight to lavender.

It worked. Wait… Because of FDA regulations I need to say here that I am NOT giving medical advice in any way, form, or fashion, nor am I making claims about lavender essential oil. All I can say is that I made one and only one change in my life at that point – and getting rid of the primary stressors was not the change. I began using lavender, and within a surprisingly short period of time I found myself actually able to handle the stressors that had been sending me over the edge.

I’ve been using oils off and on ever since. Thanks to its numerous benefits, Lavender has pretty well stayed in my cabinet, and Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil has tended to hang out around our house as well. I’ve seen a world of awesome results from both, so when our doctor had a heart-to-heart with my husband and myself several months back…the topic being the future of health care in this country and how important it is for everyone to get pro-active about their health…I started digging into essential oils with a vengeance.

One thing I have discovered through the years is that quality matters: Some lavenders I bought gave me okay results while others might as well have been water. I’d checked into Young Living twenty years ago, but always thought they were too expensive for my budget. Having learned the hard way about quality and its relationship to results, however, I looked back into the company and quickly jumped into the Young Living waters. I cannot begin to express how blown away I’ve been by the difference between the oils I’d been using (Including expensive oils from health food stores) and these oils.

We’ve been using Young Living essential oils and their related products for nearly six months now, and although those blasted FDA regulations prevent me from sharing details, I can assure you that it is because of results that I count every dime we spend on Young Living products as money well invested in our health.

If you’re at all interested in oils, I encourage you to check out my Young Living website.

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C