My Heritage Forever

Psalm 119:111 (ESV): Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart.

God’s Word is the one thing I can invest in that is eternal. I know the “lay up treasures” verse isn’t exactly talking about The Word, but it still applies. If my goal is to get ready for eternity, then I should practice today what I will be doing a thousand years from now – obey whatever God says, fully and forever.

God’s Word IS my heritage forever! Unlike a trust, which can be broken and the money done away with, God’s Word will never “run out” and cannot be taken away from me. Even were armed men to come in and remove every Bible from my home. The Word I have planted in my heart is THERE, and there it will remain, providing a continual return on my investment.

Celebrating Jesus!

Tammy C

The One Year Bible for Women

I’ve shared before about the great value I find in reading through the Bible, and I’m currently reading it through again. This time God had me pull out The One Year Bible for Women in the New Living Translation.

I’ve never even considered reading this format before. I felt it would make for too choppy a read, that it would interrupt the flow of the text to such an extent that I would get little out of it. I was mistaken.

This Bible offers itself up in daily readings that include passages from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. I’ve discovered that this works quite well as no one section is so long that it gets boring, and having Psalms and Proverbs broken up into such small bites really gives them the attention they deserve.

I still believe it’s vitally important to read through the Bible chronologically at least once, preferably two or three times, but I had to come confess that I find this to be an exceptionally good reading plan as well.

Celebrating Jesus!

Tammy C

The Rapture Ready House

God has been dealing with me, in the past few days, about getting my house Rapture ready. This is a new concept for me, a responsibility I had never even considered. Yes, I said responsibility. I pray, with the saints of the New Testament, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” I pray for those who need to be saved or return to God. I share Jesus. I have been under the mistaken impression that I have been doing all I need to, but God has shown me that the Christian’s responsibility doesn’t necessarily end there.

What God pointed out to me is that many who will be left behind know who we are. They know we are Christians and, thanks to all the books, movies, and talk, they will have a clue what has happened. As soon as they realize we are gone, they will come running to our houses for answers and provision. I now see that I have a responsibility to ensure they find what they’re looking for, to have my house ready for the Rapture.

Rapture readiness will look different in different homes. In my case, I have a framed statement on the wall that explains briefly what will have occurred. I am also rearranging my bookcases so that Bibles and truly helpful books will be most visible. I’ve written one note to place near the Bibles, explaining briefly how important it is that they take them, share them, and study them.

A while back, God also had me buy a week’s worth of survival rations. This stymied me at the time, but later He told me that it wasn’t for us, but for someone else. Now He’s instructed me to write a letter of explanation to add to the box along with a Bible and copies of a message my pastor preached entitled, “Help! I’ve missed the Rapture!” that is specifically directed to those who are left behind.

I’ve learned to take God’s instructions seriously, and I’m working on getting all of this done. He’s been telling me the Rapture is closer than I think. That He has instructed me to prepare my home for it reaffirms what I know He has been saying.

So… I keep my heart right, I pray, I share Jesus, and I’m getting my home Rapture ready. I urge you, strongly, to consider doing the same.

Celebrating Jesus and His soon return!
Tammy C