When We Worship

Imagine sitting down in Heaven between God and Jesus. I did; it happened in a vision a few months ago. I was at a worship service with a group of women, loving on Him, when God told me to sit down.

God opened my spiritual eyes, and it truly was as if I were sitting down between Him and Jesus. It would sound sacrilegious to say it if it weren’t for Ephesians 2:6, but I assure you it happened; and as we sat there God had me look out in front of us. When I did, I saw an enormous gathering of people worshiping Him. There seemed no end to the crowd.

I asked Him, “Who are these people?” and He answered, “This is everyone who is worshipping Me right now.” What God showed me in that vision is that when we truly worship Him, whether it be in a church service, an official worship service, or in our own prayer closets or kitchens, we enter directly into the throne room of God. I’ve read about it, and I know the scriptures that talk about coming boldly before the throne of grace, but still… the whole idea floors me!

Not only that, but when we do this, when we bring wholehearted worship to the King, we come into unity with untold numbers of other people. We know that where there is unity a blessing is commanded, and this means that even if you are alone in your bedroom while you are worshiping God you are in unity with every other worshiper in that moment – and a blessing is commanded in that unity.

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

Why Church? The Commanded Blessing

In Psalm 133, we see the benefit of truly being part of a church family. “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Verse one gives the conditions that must be met for the blessings to come. We, brothers and sisters in Christ that we are, must “dwell together” and do it “in unity.”

There’s a big difference between living with your siblings and seeing them only on rare occasions. There is as great a difference when we’re talking about brothers and sisters in Christ. In my church, I have many with whom I dwell. Some I see more often and some I see less often, but those of us who come together as a unified body know that blessing the Psalmist talks about. It IS good. It IS pleasant.

In the last few words of Psalm 133, we see David pulling together the pictures he’s given us. Why are all these things so good, so pleasant, so precious, so nourishing? “For there the Lord commanded the blessing – life forevermore.”

I want that commanded blessing in my life, so I choose to be an active, integral part of a church family that strives to live together in unity.

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C